(Quick Reference)



Drops all database objects owned by the user.



grails [environment] dbm-drop-all [schemaNames] --defaultSchema=[defaultSchema] --dataSource=[dataSource]

Required arguments: none .

Optional arguments:

  • schemaNames - A comma-delimited list of schema names to use
  • defaultSchema - The default schema name to use if the schemaNames parameter isn't present
  • dataSource - if provided will run the script for the specified dataSource. Not needed for the default dataSource.

Note that the defaultSchema and dataSource parameter name and value must be quoted if executed in Windows, e.g.
grails dbm-drop-all "--defaultSchema=[defaultSchema]" "--dataSource=[dataSource]"

For the dataSource parameter if the data source is configured as dataSource_reports in DataSource.groovy the suffix of reports will be used as the parameter value.