(Quick Reference)



Writes the SQL to STDOUT or a file for the specified number of previous changesets whether they have run or not.


Generates SQL for the specifed number of changeSets from the changelog. Executes against the database configured in DataSource.groovy for the current environment (defaults to dev).


grails [environment] dbm-previous-changeset-sql [number] [filename] --skip=[skip] --contexts=[contexts] --defaultSchema=[defaultSchema]

Required arguments:

  • number - The number of un-run changesets to run

Optional arguments:

  • filename - The path to the output file to write to. If not specified output is written to the console
  • skip - The number of changesets to skip if you want to exclude recent ones
  • contexts - A comma-delimited list of context names. If specified, only changesets tagged with one of the context names will be run
  • defaultSchema - The default schema name to use

Note that the contexts and defaultSchema parameter name and value must be quoted if executed in Windows, e.g.
grails dbm-update-count-sql "--contexts=[contexts]" "--defaultSchema=[defaultSchema]"