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Renders i18n text like g:message, but automatically namespacing the message codes based on the plugin that provides the GSP that calls the tag.

This makes it easy for plugin GSPs to provide i18n strings without clashing with strings from the application or other plugins.


{docx:xml} <p:text code="welcome.message"/> <p:text code="inbox.title" args="${messages.size()}"/> <p:text code="hello">Welcome to our app!</p:text> <p:text codes="my.error.code,default.error.code">An error occurred!</p:text> <p:text codes="'my.error.code','default.error.code'">An error occurred!</p:text> <p:text error="${mybean.errors0}"/> {docx}

All of these messages will be resolved using plugin.<GSP plugin name>.<code> and the body is used as a default if the message cannot be resolved.


code The i18n message code
codes A list of i18n message codes
error An Grails field error object
args Arguments for i18n message
default Default value for message if it cannot be resolved
encodeAs Codec to apply to message, defaults to none
scope Optional prefix to use with code or codes. Overrides the automatic scoping behaviour
plugin Optional plugin name in beanNameCase. Overrides the automatic scoping behaviour