(Quick Reference)

r:stash Tag

Using this tag you can write "inline" content anywhere in your GSP (providing you use Sitemesh layouts) and place into any disposition.

Corresponding layoutResources can write these out.

This mechanism is used internally for inline script invocations.

Currently only script and style types are supported.

      <meta name="layout" content="main"/>
       <r:stash type="style" disposition="head-end">
          .ugly-inline-style { border: none; }

<r:stash type="script" disposition="middle"> window.alert('This is same as r:script with disposition="middle"''); </r:stash> </body> </html>


  • type - Required. The type of the stash - values supported are "script" and "style"
  • disposition - Required. The disposition name to use for the stash.