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3 Configuration - Reference Documentation

Authors: Burt Beckwith

Version: 1.2.3

3 Configuration

There are a few configuration options for the plugin. All are specified in Config.groovy, but you can put the values for grails.plugin.cloudfoundry.username and/or grails.plugin.cloudfoundry.password in $HOME/.grails/settings.groovy to avoid storing this information in source control.

grails.plugin.cloudfoundry.usernamenone, must be specifiedthe username/email address for your account
grails.plugin.cloudfoundry.passwordnone, must be specifiedthe password for your account
grails.plugin.cloudfoundry.target'api.cloudfoundry.com'the cloud API server, e.g. 'api.cloudfoundry.com'
grails.plugin.cloudfoundry.appnameapplication namethe application name for scripts; defaults to the current application name but can be specified in Config.groovy or overridden from the commandline with the --appname attribute
grails.plugin.cloudfoundry.showStackTracefalseif true show error stack traces in the console
grails.plugin.cloudfoundry.testStartWithGettruewhether to test a start or restart with a GET request in addition to checking the reported status from the server to avoid false positives
grails.plugin.cloudfoundry.testStartGetUrlapplication urlthe url to test if grails.plugin.cloudfoundry.testStartWithGet is true
grails.plugin.cloudfoundry.datasource.disableTimeoutAutoconfigurationfalsedisables auto-configuration of DataSource connection timeout checking if true