(Quick Reference)



Push and optionally start an application.


Builds a war file for your application (or uses an existing one) and deploys it as a new application.

Most scripts are not environment-specific but this one builds a war file, so be sure to specify the environment.


grails [environment] cf-push [--appname] [--url] [--memory] [--warfile] [--services] [--no-start]

Required arguments: none .

Optional arguments:

  • appname - The name of the application
  • url - The url, e.g. yoururl.cloudfoundry.com; defaults to appname.cloudfoundry.com if not specified
  • memory - The amount of memory to allocate, one of '64M', '128M', '256M', '512M', '1G', '2G'
  • warfile - The path to an existing war file to deploy
  • services - A comma-delimited list of service names to bind to the application
  • no-start - If specified, just create the application and deploy the war, but don't start the server