(Quick Reference)



Renders a text-based button as either a <button>, <a> or <input type="submit"> based on the supplied options.

The text is loaded from namespaced i18n using the same logic as the text tag.


{docx:xml} <p:button>OK</p:button> <p:button text="button.ok"/> <p:button disabled="true">Cancel</p:button> <p:button kind="anchor" href="#" text="button.cancel"/> <p:button kind="submit" text="button.send.to" textArgs="${recipient.name}"/> {docx}

The optional body is used as the default text of the label if the i18n code does not resolve using the text tag message resolution rules.


kind What kind of button to render. Value can be "button" (the default), or "anchor" or "submit"
text The text of the button, or an i18n code to resolve to use as the text
textArgs Arguments to pass when creating the i18n message text
disabled If set to "true" the button will be disabled
textScope Prefix to use with code or codes. Overrides the automatic scoping behaviour
textPlugin Plugin name in beanNameCase. Overrides the automatic scoping behaviour

Any other attributes specified are passed through to the output.