(Quick Reference)



Enables you to call another named tag, so that the tag called can be determined at runtime.


<p:callTag tag="p:button" text="OK"/>

<p:callTag tag="p:button" attrs="[text:'OK']"/>

<p:callTag tag="p:button" bodyContent="OK"/>

<p:callTag tag="p:button">OK</p:callTag>

All three of the above invocations achieve the same thing.


attrs Map of attributes to pass to the target tag. Any attributes (other than those listted here) specified on callTag will be merged into this Map
tagYesThe name of the tag, optionally including colon-separated namespace
bodyContent A body to use for the tag when it is called. You can set this or use the body of the callTag itself, to pass a body to the tag you delegate to.

Any other attributes specified are passed through to the tag called.