(Quick Reference)



This tag renders a message for the user which has been set using the displayMessage or displayFlashMessage methods in the controller.

It will automatically display the message stored in request or flash scope, or both if both are set.

The text is rendered using i18n messages and arguments if supplied when the displayMessage or displayFlashMessage methods were called. Note that the p:text tag is not used to resolve such messages - however the displayMessage methods apply plugin namespacing at point of invocation.

The output is wrapped in a single div, with a class that you supply plus the message type.


{docx:xml} <p:displayMessage class="msg"/> {docx}

So for example with the above, if your controller has called:

{docx} displayMessage text:'book.save.error', args:book.title, type:'alert' {docx}

This might output:

{docx:xml} <div class="msg alert"> Something has gone wrong saving book "The Design of Everyday Things" </div> {docx}


classOptional CSS classes to apply to the div. The value of the message "type" will be appended to the class list
cssPrefixOptional string to prepend to the message type for use as a CSS class on the div. i.e. Specifying "alert-" would result in CSS classes like "alert-warning"
typeOptional override of the type of the message. If the controller did not set a type or you wish to override it you can e.g. set this to "error"